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We have been repairing eyeglass frames for over thirty years, and there are very few we cannot fix-Titanium, metal or plastic. Send us your sunglass or prescription eyeglass frames for expert repair and fast, warranted service. Eyewear Repair of Colorado is your one stop or all your repair needs!

Broken eyeglass frame-NO Problem!

Send it to Eyewear Repair!



How to send a frame for repair

Please Do not send cases!!!!!

Thank you for searching out our web site. We have been repairing glasses for thirty years now and we know that you will not find a better place to get yours repaired. The process is simple. Pack your glasses in a small cardboard box, your optician or optometrist can give you a good one. We suggest you use the U.S.  Mail, as we get it earlier in the day and you will get it back sooner. All frames will be returned via US Mail.  Don't pack the frame too tight, as any of the package services you may choose like to use the box size for wheel chocks!! Enclose a slip of paper with your return address in the box just in case, We now accept Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Discover and Mastercard). Call for details. Or send a MONEY ORDER (no stamps, cash if trust the package service) for $41.00 for the repair which includes return via first class mail. If you have more than one repair, each additional repair is $36.00. TITANIUM REPAIR PRICING $45.00 per REPAIR. If you can remove the lenses, please do so. We'll fix your frame(s) and send them back the same day. On the off chance that we cannot repair your frame, we'll send it back with a refund for the amount you sent us. Thanks. (Please see "This is the Fine Print" directly below)  If you need references, call any optician in the Colorado Springs area and ask if they have either heard of or use our service.



Eyewear Repair

1520 North Academy Blvd., Ste A

Colorado Springs  CO  80909

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Send no OptylŪ (see What to know...) If you have a titanium frame you would like to have repaired and have any questions, call me. Most titanium frames can be repaired.  Many bridges must be completely replaced.  Call for pricing if you have any questions. the average per titanium repair is $45.00.

The operative word is REPAIR. All repairs show to some extent. We can repair most broken plastic frames (and the hinges), stainless steel, monel, regular metal, and most prescription quality sunglasses almost without exception as to the brand or where the break is. If you send us a ten dollar junk frame we'll assume you have a fetish for it and repair it anyway-if we can. Heavily painted, lacquered, laminated etc. frames will loose color. We will attempt to touch-up the loss, but cannot guarantee either color, or durability of the touch-up material. There is no gold in frames anymore, almost all frames will turn silver in the area of the repair, no matter what type of filler material is used. We use silver, because it is foolish to use gold, and it is as strong or stronger than gold. We will us gold if you prefer, but call for pricing.  We dothe best we can with "jeweled" frames. Most repaired areas are stronger than new. Eyewear Repair will guarantee the repair for twelve (12) months from the date of repair, excluding abuse.  In the event you should require warranty service, just send he frame back to us with a copy of your invoice with a daytime phone number and we will repair or contact you.   We will pay first class postage back to you.  Should you require references, call any optician you care to in the Colorado Springs area and ask if they have either heard of or use our service. You'll find no better repair anywhere. Repair is all we do-period.


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